Shredder sharpening and lubrication sheet

Improves shredder performance & efficiency by removing dust & build sharpening blades. Lubricates blades and prevents rusting. Natural grinding powder keeps blades sharp and clean. Made with 100% non-toxic materials. Easy maintenance. Prolong shredder life. Easy to use, no spills, no mess.
Technical Information
  • Extra: Made with 100% non-toxic materials
Use at least once a month or after every 30 minutes of shredding to maintain maximum performance. The pack contains 12 sheets, simply insert one complete sheet into the shredder and shred normally, once the sheet is shredded place the shredder into reverse for a short period to complete the maintenance process. The sheet is easy to use, creates no mess unlike shredder oil and is compatible with all shredders that require lubricating. The recommended usage is at least once a month to maintain maximum shredder performance.
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