Environmentally friendly Q-CONNECT products


Blaue Engel Nordic Swan Eco Label

Benefits to Environment and Health*

Recycled toner modules help to avoid waste and save resources stringent requirements for toner ingredients control of emissions of organic substances

The Blue Angel brings colour to the office in an environmentally friendly way.
Toner cartridges for laser printers and multifunction devices are replaced as soon as the toner powder therein is consumed. Thus, millions of empty modules end as waste every year, unless they are reprocessed and reused. Refillable toner cartridges carrying the Blue Angel are an alternative to original modules. Such modules help to reduce waste and save resources. In addition, the eco-label indicates that the unit’s emissions are controlled - even for refilled cartridges - and that strict emission limits are met.

Q-cONNECT Toner cartridges Q-cONNECT Toner cartridges Q-cONNECT Toner cartridges Q-cONNECT Toner cartridges Q-cONNECT Toner cartridges

KF04790: Q-Connect HP LJ 1150 / 1200 / 1300 A / X / Jumbo
KF02682: HP Laser Jet 1150 EXTRA CAPACITY, Black

KF04328: Q-Connect HP LJ 2015 A / X/ Jumbo
HP Laser Jet P2015 A, Black

KF02341: Q-Connect HP LJ 2100 / 2200 Standard / Jumbo
KF04783: HP Laser Jet 2100 Serie, 2200 Serie, Canon LBP-470 EXTRA CAPACITY, Black

KF02342: Q-Connect HP LJ 4000 / 4050 / 4100 A / X / Jumbo
KF04787: HP Laser Jet 4000/ 4000 N/ 4000 NT/ 4000 T/ 4050/ 4050 N/ 4050 SE EXTRA CAPACITY, Black

Q-Connect HP LJ 5 L / 6L / Canon FX-3 Standard / Jumbo

KF04790: Q-Connect HP LJ P1005 / P1006 / P1505 / M1120MFP / M1522MFP Versionen A / Jumbo

Q-Connect Lexmark T610/ 612/614 Standard / High Yield
Lexmark OPTRA T 610 / 612 / 614 / 616 /-n, Black

Bottle pen: KF15001, KF15002, KF15003

Bottle Pen

The plastic material of this ballpoint pen is made for 80% out of recycled PET bottles .

Recycled ball pens

Recycled ball Pen Recycled ball Pen
KF04819, KF04820, KF04821, KF04822

Biodegradable Ballpoint pen: KF14625

Biodegradable Ballpoint Pen

This ballpoint pen is for 81% biodegradable as the plastic is made of corn starch.

Biodegradable% 81% 100%
Chlorine Quantity% 0% 0%
Volatile Organic Compounds% 0% 0%
Soy-Based Ink  
Ozone Safe

Recycled Quick Notes

Recycled Quick Notes Blaue Engel

Recycled paper for modern office work*

Around 80 percent of post-consumer paper is recycled.
A good collector should also be committed to use products made from recycled paper in everyday office work - many customers, business partners and staff members appreciate such environmental commitment.
The use of envelopes, padded envelopes, copying, writing and graphic papers as well as many other products made from waste paper instead of virgin fibres helps to reduce climate gas emissions caused by paper manufacture, water consumption and wastewater contamination.

KF11111: 50 x 50: Recycled yellow notes, without foil wrap
KF11112: 75 x 75: Recycled yellow notes, without foil wrap
KF11113: 125 x 75: Recycled yellow notes, without foil wrap

Recycled Copier Paper: KF01047

Recycled Copier Paper Recycled Copier Paper

HFC-free Air Duster: KF04499

This product is ozon friendly !

HFC Free Air Duster

Recycled Labels

Recycled Labels KF10928

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